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7 Apr 2014

"Bebo plays Akshay's wife in the film "Gabbar"

As mentioned earlier, it's not just an item song for Kareena Kapoor in Gabbar. She is doing the full-fledged role. "Bebo plays Akshay's wife in the film. She is killed before the film begins. So Akshay keeps remembering her in flashbacks.
 The role is like that of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Aditya Chopra's Mohabbatein. The film's leading lady played a kind of spirit that ran across the film. Likewise in Gabbar", says a friend of Kareena. Kareena's friend adds, "Bebo and Akshay share a fabulous rapport. They've played husband and wife in Aitraaz.

She agreed to do so again because her character propels the story forward." Gabbar is the remake of Tamil movie Ramanaa. Simran has done the role that Kareena is doing for Gabbar. Kareena is leaving for Bucharest for a commercial ad shoot for cosmetics. This will be her first visit to that part of the world. A friend of Kareena says, "This is Bebo's first visit to that part of the world.She wants Saif to accompany her. But he cannot spare the time. So Bebo would've to go it alone.

These days Bebo is hardly able to meet her husband. Saif and she have not met for nearly a month now." Looks like Kareena's friend knows more about her than her husband Saif. Well, we doubt if all is well between the star couple!!

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